Lunch from monday - friday 13:00 - 16:00

Dinner every night 20:00 - 24:00

Prices 6€ - 40€

C/ Estanco 4, Palma (next to Passeig del Born)

Bruselas is a steak restaurant combined with typical mallorcan food. It is located in a side alley next to Passeig del Born. You enter the restaurant going down a few stairs and passing the kitchen which gives you a quick peak in to what you are going to be expecting. The restaurant is constructed in a very typical mallorcan way. Its very rustic but very welcoming at the same time.

The restaurant offers high quality meat products. But lets look at the starter selection first. You are able to choose from differnt types of croquetas, steak tatars, carpaccios, salads and lots more. I went for the pulpo dish to start which you can see in the picture and my boyfriend had a steak tatar. Afterwards we both enjoyed the delicious Entrecôte (see picture) with sweet potatoes and vegetables.

It was a more than satisfying evening with great food great company and very attentive waiters.

If you are looking to visit a great steak restaurant in Palma. Add this one to your list.



Open every day from 18.30 - 00.00

Prices between 12€ and 28€

Sadrassana is located in Palmas old quater. And if you watched the Night Manager you will defintly recognize this scene :)

The house is an old mallorcan manor house from the 19th century its a place where everybody gathers. It belongs to the Moyà Gallery where Artists present their art temporary. The decoration is orginal and suits the history of the house. This is underlined by the vintige chairs for example.

I loved my experience there. We were seated inside near the bar  and as I saw the experienced bar keeper mixing I had to irder on of the delicious cocktails on the menu to start with. And of course the mixing skills where amazing and you can always keep in mind that Sdrassana is not only good for its food but also for its amazing cocktails! Lets move on to the food. My absolute best dish was my starter a pa am oli tatar, made with all typical mallorcan ingredients, like Camaiot, Jabugo ham and Mahon cheese. As a main I enjoyed Lamb. The ceviche was also to die for!! I was amazed how they combined tradional mallorcan products.

An amazing place to visit. Enjoy an unforgettable evening in Sadrassana.

Gaudeix - A beautiful hiden Tapas restaurant in the old town of Palma

Scallops, Salmon Tatar and Flores de Callejo

 Restaurant Bodega Gaudeix, open Tu-Sa 12:00 - 24:00 (kitchen hours 13:00 - 16:00 and 19:00 - 23:00)

Prices: You can eat pinchos (one unit per plate) from around 3€-5€ and raciones (which are quite good portions) from around 6€-18€. The prices of winebottles are between 14€-20€.

The restaurant is situated in the old town of Palma de Mallorca. There are a few tables outside and inside you have space on the ground floor and on the first floor. When you enter you immediatley feel its own uniquness. Spoons form the name of the restaurant on the red wall and cooking pots are designed as lampshades.

We were seated on the first floor and were promptly offered an aperitif and water. The menu is written on a big chalk board and a waiter goes through everything on the menu to clearify each dish. Another suprise was the winelist which was presented on a wine bottle. I loved the idea.

We started of with scallops and a salmon tatar. Afterwards we shared huevo rotos (a speciality of fried eggs with pieces of fillet steak). You HAVE to break the eggs and mix everything together its just delicious. In the mains we shared lamb with crumbles of sobrasada (a typical mallorcan sausage) and a tataki of pork with aubergine.


I loved the scallops so much that we had to order another portion in the end!

I can warmly recommend the restaurant Gaudeix. And by the way.... Gaudeix means "ENJOY" which we did with great certainty!!

Huevos rotos with pieces of fillet of steak

Ombu - Best tapas in town

Ombu is located in the center of Palma. Their food is based on classic and fussion cuisine tapas. Its open every day from 8.30- 1.30 am. They have a little terrace on the main street and two floors with one private dining room. If you get a seat downstairs enjoy a cocktail at the bar with the view on the open kitchen.

This was around the fourth time i went to visit Ombu. I just love the food. You always get the same high quality. The service is fast and very attentive. This time we really had to much food but what are you supposed to do if you just want to have everything on the menu. We started of with a persian oyster and two cornets of tuna (these cornets are a must-have!!!!) Afterwards we ordered the steak tatar but it comes with foie gras which we overread and don`t eat. But fortunatley the waiter was kind enough to exchange the dish with the the tataki of tuna. Another amazing dish is the artichoke with pesto dip, lovley combination. We also had classics like huevo fritos with ham and squid croquetas.

All in all always a good place to be great atmosphere with great food and staff. We spend around a hundred Euros with a bottle of white Grenache and pleanty of good food.

Tataki of Tuna

Sea Club Cap Rocat - Probably the most romantic location on the island

View and Champagne


The Sea Club belongs to one of the best Hotels on the island, the Cap Rocat in Cala Blava which is in the south of Mallorca. They only open iduring summer season and the prices are between 21 € and 28€ in the main course section.

Going there was a suprise present from my boyfriend. I was immediatley fascinated by the Hotel. The view is so amazing. We were sitting directly in the first line next to a cliff watching the sea and the beautiful sundown. We started of with two glasse of champagne and shared coca with musshrooms and ruccola, mussels and a salmon tatar. Afterwards we got a hot stone where we could grill our chuleton. It was amazing. Obviously we combined our meal with a beautiful mallorcan red wine and shared desserts. If you want to have a special location and a more than amazing view connected with great food, definitly dont miss to go there.

My recommandation would be a romantic evening with your boyfreind, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc.

Salmon Tatar, Mussels and Coca with Mushrooms and Ham

On the way to the Sea Club! I guess somebody is excited :)

De Tokio a Lima - A rooftop restaurant in the center of Palma

 The restaurant "De Tokio a Lima" is located in the center of Palma de Mallorca directly at the Paseo de Born. The restaurant belongs to the luxury Hotel Can Alomar and has a capacity of 30 seats. The prices vary between 17€ and 25€.
We have visited "De Tokio a Lima" just a couple of weeks ago and we were impressed. You enter the Hotel just next to the Louis Vuitton shop at Paseo de Born. Than you get up with a lift and the bar impresses you directly. We were greeted by entering and seated on the beautiful terrasse with a view of the lively street in the middle of Palma. There is another terrasse which belongs to the bar which is as astonishing as the one of the restaurant. The service is great an attentive and the food spectacular. To begin with I had a tatar of scallops and afterwards I chose the filet steak with teriyaki sauce. The cuisine is a mixture of mediterranean taste with japanese and peruan touches. We chose our favorite red wine from Rioja the Remirez de Ganuza 2008.
So definitly worthwhile going, beautiful food beautiful location and good service.

Hotel Cort - Palma

Hotel Cort - Bar

 The Hotel Cort is situated in the heart of Palma. The Design Hotel has 14 suites and two double rooms. The restaurant is on the ground floor and its ambience is very unique because it connects old and new, for example old ceilings with modern lamps.

As we entered the Hotel we were greeted immediatley and offered a drink at the bar while they prepared our table. I ordered the daily recommandation a Pisco Sour and it was great. Before we finished our drinks we were seated by the Maitre. Regarding the concept we ordered everything to share. We started off with two mini goatcheese burgers and grilled octopus and of course I had to order my oysters like always and everywhere. Our mains were Tagliatta with a side of french fries and ( an absolute must try ) the the Risotto with artichokes and prawns. To round up our menu we shared a Tarte Tatin.

All in all the mediterranean cuisine really impressed us. Their philosophy "less is more" matches their concept perfectly. Its a beautiful place to go on a date or to have a great sharing dinner with friends. And don`t underestimate the bar. The cocktails are amazing.

I hope you will enjoy your dinner as much as I did. Let me know how you liked it.

Tagliatta, french fries and Risotto

Fosh - The Lab


Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 13:00-15:30/ 19:30-22:30

Prices: 5€ - 12:50€ a dish

we visited The Lab which is located in the center of Palma last month. We visited the location at lunch time which was the perfect location for our day off. Every month they offer different styles of food. We enjoyed the mexican cuisine. We started of with delicious homemade nachos and guacomole. Afterwards we had a ceviche of scallops and fish and shared 2 of 4 kinds of tacos. The food was amazing and the service very attentive. I would highly recommend visiting this restaurant. This month the topic is a tour around Spain. I will defintitly not miss it! I really love the idea of having different cuisine styles every month. You always have something new to try and it shows how creative the kitchen is. And on top of that the prices are very affordable.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know how you liked it!